Michael Wooten Photography

"Spreading ALOHA One Image at a Time"

Dr. Michael Wooten was born and raised in Southern California, with joyful summers spent in his mother’s homeland of Hawaii. His father, from a farming family in North Carolina, instilled in Dr. Wooten the love of the land, and made it a mission that the family visit all 50 states in order to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our great country. In part because of this, he is able to appreciate both the simplicity and wonder surrounding us all.

Dr. Wooten was a multiple-major, multi-sport athlete in college, and still enjoys sports, as well as his horses, dogs and other pets. He also enjoys various art media, reading, and computer technology.  He is a sports medicine chiropractor by trade with a passion for capturing images from behind the camera while enjoying travel, outdoor adventure and nature.  He has over 30 years of experience creating images exhibiting a combination of the magnificence and simplicity the world offers.  He enjoys using available nature light, creating a vibrant and colorful look in his landscape photography.  He is able to capture images ranging from soft and serene, to dark and edgy, to vivid and bold. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Dr. Wooten strives for his images to tell a story.

Dr. Wooten is an award winning photographer, educator, and artist.  He specializes in landscape photography, astrophotography, people and pet portraits, and client photo retouching. Please inquire about scheduling your next available portrait session. 

Dr. Wooten is a proud sponsor of the charities Angel Tree through the Salvation Army, which provides toys for needy and foster children at Christmastime. He is also an active supporter of Heifer International (http://www.heifer.org/ending-hunger/index.html), which helps rid the world of hunger. Animals are the backbone of their work, and they provide life-sustaining products such as milk, eggs, cheese, honey and wool. Partial proceeds from all sales of Dr. Wooten’s art go to these charities.

Check out the gallery of available photos for purchase at photowux.shootproof.com. But most importantly, please enjoy the images. 

Dr. Wooten hopes they bring you a sense of joy, happiness, or wonderment, and is committed to “spreading ALOHA one photo at a time.” 

Thanks and Mahalo.